The Sociology of Body

Rabeya Sultana Nijhum: The field known as sociology of the body investigates the ways in which our bodies are affected by social influences. As human beings,we all possess bodies because we are corporeal. But the body isn’t something we just have, and it isn’t only something physical that exists outside of society. Our bodies are deeply affected by social facts and experiences, as well as by the norms and values of the groups to which we belong. Sociologists recognize the profound nature of the interconnection between social life and body which is one the exciting field for me to discover and enhance my knowledge as I have a completed my education in this field.

The sociology of the body depends on a number of basic themes. One major theme concerns the effects of social change in body. Our rapidly transforming society or world presents new risks and challenges that can affect our bodies and health. For example, the present pandemic. But these challenges also provides the possibilities for us to make choices about how to live our daily lives and care for our health.

Medicine and health care system are the undergoing enormously transformation which plays a great role in the treatment and the care of illnesses.The relationships between Doctors and patients are changing and the alternative forms of medicine aren’t becoming increasingly popular. The rise of scientific medicine and the emergence of biomedical model of health are considered as the processes of contemporary medicine.

Finally the most fascinating part is Ageing Body. Ageing is not what it once was. The ageing process is not simply a physical one, and the position of older people in society today is changing in fundamental ways.