You probably have just grown old

Debotosh Ghosh:: You probably have just grown old. You don’t feel thrilled anymore, and Nothing new is happening in your life. You don’t welcome new friends; strangers in your thoughts are always under suspicion. A blind eye towards all the issues and reacting only in your favor are the symptoms of old age.

Gerontion can engulf us by sweet sixteen, regardless of age. Many don’t agree with the quote goes, ‘Age is just a number and getting old is a choice’ of which many are not welcoming new to their life. Learning new things, meeting new people, visiting new places is the panacea to your youth. Now, social media is trending with photos and videos with age-old beloved couples and singles having so much fun. Among which few are extremely feet, few are still following their passions for music, painting, dancing, or even extreme sports.

We commonly find this age-old group of young people around us, writers, law practitioners, people in business, teachers, and all the professions we know off. So, it is you who is creating an obstacle for good to welcome you, holding yourself back in your comfort zone. Do you talk about breaking the box? Then first get out of the box and pull a hammer.

Being single doesn’t mean being rigid to welcome the new. Being single is a way of life. Singles often enjoy life more than couples. Often socially approved happiest of the pair end up in solitary living in the same room. Enjoying privacy in isolation, watching a movie alone in public can be refreshing. Introverts can enjoy no less of a life than extroverts. If you are single, introverted, or just out of a beautiful affair doesn’t mean to not welcoming the new. So, learn something new, read a novel, try new dishes, travel, make new friends, fall in love, or remain single, go out and penetrate the world.

Often losing our beloved ones or falling out of a relationship seems to be the end of our world. The pain we experience within, due to such loss, never heals, but we get habituated to live with it. Nothing is the end of the world until our last breath. About death, the worst part is you can’t wave your hands and say goodbye. So, learn to appreciate others. Be happy with your small achievements, which will ensure paramount you very soon.