Twisting time needs more generous measures

Debotosh Ghosh: This is the time of hungry children twitching in momma’s lap. This is the time of the old to suffer and youth to fail.  People are losing their jobs, and businesses are down, City Dwellers leaving the capital every day, the poor left hungry and stray dogs remains barking, unfed- no sign of left-over foods in the dustbins! Covid-19 has dragged us down mercilessly. Meanwhile, Dengue and Monsoon Flood have aligned to add fuel to the fire.

Government, non-government and international Organizations are struggling restlessly to overcome such conditions. Though at this moment, Nothing seems to work, and Nothing can set us free from this evil pandemic and bring forth our life to normalcy. In such depression, we find hope only in our simple act of kindness. Yes, compassion is the food for our soul. People are forming groups in social media, and often alone are donating food items and even cooked meals among the distressed. This simple act of generosity inspires us to live.

Because we care (BWC), a humanitarian group of people has been going ahead with such an act titled ‘MOJAR TIFFIN.’ Friday, Jumma prayer amasses the poor and the minor in the premises of mosques with the expectation of financial aid. BWC targets these groups of people and provides them with a meal for lunch. It takes only nine of the BWC volunteers to shop, cook, and distribute the foods. The effort doesn’t take much, but the act of kindness, which brings satisfaction and smile in those tired faces of seekers, matches no reward in the universe they could receive.

Preceding week BWC noticed a blind woman sitting at a corner of a donation box of the mosque had few coins gathered in her tray. When BWC Volunteer Zobayda Fatema approached with the lunch box, the lady felt so delighted that she uttered, ‘Relieved, I won’t have to buy lunch today.’ In this regard, the BWC volunteer sharing her experience said, ‘Nothing can match the relief the lady found with that lunch box, and nothing  else can bring such happiness.’

The initiative to stand by the vulnerable may look like an arduous task. The reality is different where the job is easy to achieve, and the willingness of a fearless approach to help is hard to get by. Just making up the mind with propper planning is sufficient to stand by the distressed and make our locality a better place to live. It only takes one simple act of kindness to change the world, turn us, and let us grow into wisdom and virtue. ­As writers, we tell stories. As human beings, we tell stories too. Stories, what we live with, so why not write a better one, where people don’t need to live with hunger, our children are full of laughter, and mothers are happily all along.