Muamba de Glinha

Muamba Chicken aka Muamba de Glinha – An aromatic Angolan Chicken Stew , flavored with garlic , chilli , vegetables and cooked in palm oil. Lip-smacking good and filling weeknight meal!
Chicken muamba is an extremely popular chicken stew in Central Africa and most would say, it is Angola’s National dish. It is rich with the aromatic flavors of garlic, tons of onions, spiced up with hot pepper and thickened with okra.
Here, the chicken is first marinated with garlic, paprika and salt then seared with in red oil. (I used half palm oil and half canola oil). Then it is simmered with all the other ingredients until the chicken is thoroughly cooked and the flavors come together.
Muamba de Galinha
You may substitute butternut squash with pumpkin, or sweet potatoes. I throw in the okra towards the end, because I like the it  slightly crunchy and don’t want my soup to be too thick.