Meme| War and Random Thoughts in the Shower

Dishting Moury: Couple of years ago a meme came out saying, “if women ruled the world, there would be no wars; only a bunch of countries not talking to each other”. Everyone laughed their asses off. I was one of them too. But recently, while I was in the shower the other day (because of course, great ideas always spring up on you when you are in the shower), I thought, so what if that is! What if women ruled and there were no wars and countries not talking to each other! Is that too bad a thing to happen! Not having wars! Not killing innocent people! Not wasting money on guns and whatnot!

I do not have to go into details with the effects war has on humanity. Cities destroyed, houses burned down, people homeless and/or killed, monstrosity happened on children and women, lack of food resources, famine, diseases, the list goes on. The rulers never go to war with the soldiers; they sit around in their highly protected air-conditioned room and declare the war. They command the foot soldiers where to strike, but never with them in the cavalry. Basically, someone else fights the game to win the thrones for them. Thousands and hundreds are being killed in the process who did not even want that war to happen in the first place. And I have not even mentioned the money factor yet!

Wars are costly. It almost bankrupt our (my) favourite house, the Lannister. According to the latest “Cost of War” report, the Pentagon spent $1.46 trillion on war-related costs between 9/11 and June 2017, about $250 million a day over sixteen years, or just over $91 billion a year (Ballesteros, C. (2017, November 6) THE PENTAGON SPENDS $250 MILLION ON WAR EVERY DAY—WHAT ELSE COULD WE DO WITH THAT MONEY? retrieved from Just think of all the good things we could have done for our society and environment with that amount of money. Many lives can be helped and saved. But instead of saving, we are spending on killing.

So, what is wrong with countries not talking to each other? They have issues, they have disagreements, they go their separate ways and not talk to each other, have no deal with each other, do not interfere with each other’s business. No one is dying on their behalf. No money is being spent to assuage their bruised ego. Instead of spending money on going wars, money is spent on the betterment of their own society, finding ways to become more independent, making life comfortable for the mango-people. With good intention, a lot of good can be done with huge chunks of money.

Animals fight to mark their territory because that is the only way they know. We, human beings are considered the superior being in the animal kingdom. With all our superior intellect, we are resorted to killing and making this planet uninhabitable. I am not saying that having a female ruler could solve all our problems (not after seeing how our Khaleesi turned out!). But maybe we could try this countries-not-talking thing for once.

[Disclaimer: this article was written solely based on my wishful thinking, no need to get your trousers in a twist]