White Collar Criminal

Rabiya Sultana Nijhum: “How to Identify A White Collar Criminal?”

A crime is an act of omission or commission prohibited by law and for which violation the law provides some penalty or sanction. Although there is a tendency to associate crime with young people, especially males in the lower class, involvement in criminal activities is by no means confined to this segment o the population. But many wealthy are powerful people carry out crimes whose consequences can be much more for reaching then the often petty crimes of the poor, who are known as White Collar Criminal.

The term white collar crime was first introduced by an American criminologist Edwin Sutherland (1949). The term covers many types of criminal activities including Tax Frauds, Illegal sale practices, securities and Land Frauds, Embezzlement, the manufacture and sale of dangerous products as well as straight forward theft. So we can say that white collar criminals are surrounded like ants in our everyday social life of our radically changing society. May be they are sitting next to your office desk or he or she is the chairman or boss of your working place, may be they are your classmate ,boyfriend or one of your family member. But how can you identify or predict them?

If you know the general characteristics of this crime it will help you to point out the criminal easily…. Such as..
(a) A white collar criminal is very intelligent and technical in his crime.
(b) This crime must be related to the occupation of that criminal.
(c) These criminals or the criminal person is a member of upper socio- economical class and dignity.
(d) We can call them pretender or two faced man because these criminals technically do their crime and remain beside the curtain.
(e) White collar crime is obviously against the country and general public. They do these crimes by taking advantages of government- agencies and social structure.
(f) Not having much idea of this crime the victim person doesn’t take any action against them.

In our country the radical change in our Capital- Economic system gives a negative effect in social mobility and the main reason is unorganized social structural plan. It destroys the moral of the people especially the middle class and who are living in an under poverty level . For this everyone wants to be benefited by this system and wants to be wealthy on one day. This desire leads maximum people to do white collar crime. As a result it affects our society and law infrastructure become weak and leads our country to a dreadful future.

According to Sutherland ….’White collar crime spread feeling of distrust, lower public moral and produce social disorganization’.