Religion is nothing just a mode to insult others faith and belief

Jui Rani Saha: It was in my early twenties when I realized that one’s owns religion is nothing just a mode to insult others faith and belief. On an auspicious day of durga-oshtomi I invited a couple of friends to our parar puja. My friends who were muslims were all dressed up as pure bangali hindu women, drapping a saree with various ancient symbols of sanatan dharma along with jhumkas and red reshmi churi. My mother who was in hurry to welcome them in our house served them with scrumptious sweets which she makes every year in durga puja. As soon as she kept the plate on table we all started gulping down to our stomach as if there is unannounced a war of eating. Then with hiccups of fullness we proceeded towards the mondop for devi darshan. Eventually as we reached I immediately joined my hands towards Maa Durga. later that moment came when we got engaged in a not so friendly conversation.

All of a sudden I heard one of my friend whispering about the vulgarity of the statue of Maa Durga which pissed me off. Without wasting a seconds I asked for an explanation to justify her opinion and she came up with a reasons of showing curves and cleavage and that was the time I got furious with all logics of sacrificing millions of lives like hooligan in the name of Allah. And from the day onwards we weren’t friends anymore.

What drag me to those conversations almost every year of durga puja is why is women’s body is the only symbol of lust? Why these chunks of flesh drive many crazy while these are the same breast which nurtured the whole mankind? Why these curves are so luscious for man while each and every curve serves a purpose of creation of life? What a sacred place a women body is each and every turns and twist, ups and downs are marked with lines of life. The body which is so pure and spiritual that directly connects with the almighty. Can we not embrace our body like Maa durga giving you a reminder of your existence?

Here is a story narrated by a teacher in our school, Once upon a time there was a reed-flute player .whenever he saw a bottle of wine, he would scold those around him “don’t you know a drop of liquor is sin?” then he would drop the bottle dip his finger inside, wait a few seconds and take his finger out , dripping . I removed that sinful drop now we can drink it in peace. And we used to laugh our lungs out. But now I realized isn’t this the actual faith and belief towards god!