Easy Home made Mawa | Recipe

Easy Home made Mawa:

There are two ways to make mawa at home. For 1st one, we need only one liter of liquid milk and 3 table spoon of ghee n 1tb spoon Rose water. its a bit time consuming process, u have to boil the milk on stove and then have to stir continuously until the milk thickened and reduced to almost one fourth of it. then add the ghee and stir further couple of minutes. mawa is ready. from this, u will get 1 cup of mawa.

But the simplest way is the powder milk mawa.
u need:
powder milk- 1 cup
liquid milk- 2 tablespoon (optional)
ghee- 3 tablespoon.
Rose water-1tb spoon.

In a dry bowl, place the milk powder and add ghee to it. mix with hand. if u want smooth mawa, then add a little liquid milk and mix until its smooth. otherwise try to make a ball. Wait for few minutes and then grate it or break it with your fingers .