Fish Suchlike | Recipe

Ingredients for Fish Suchlike:

Part 1:
500 gm boneless fish
1tb spn red chili powder
½ tea-spoon cumin seed powder
1 table-spoon chopped ginger
½ tea-spoon chopped garlic
½ tea-spoon salt
1 table-spoon lemon juice
1 table-spoon tomato sauce
1 tea-spoon oyster sauce
1 tea-spoon chili sauce
1 tea-spoon fish sauce
2 table-spoon oil
Suchlike as required

Part 2:
½ cup sliced Amra, square size
½ cup sliced onion, fried
8-10 pieces whole green chili
½ cup sliced carrot
1 pieces green capsicum
3 pieces tomato

Method of Preparation (How to Cook):

01. Cut the boneless fish into ½ inches cube pieces. And rinse well with water.
02. Now all above ingredient (part 1) mix finely with fish pieces and marinate for 40-50 minutes.
03. Then all above ingredients (part 2) mix with marinated fish.
04. Now thread it into suchlike steak one by one.
05. Heat the oil in a fry pen, when oil enough heat then place all the suchlike steak in fry pen.
06. Turning steaks onto all four sizes for even heat distribution and brash sauce on suchlike.
07. When its become brown color then remove from heat and serve hot with sauce and salad