Gumrah | Book Review

Name : Gumrah- 11 short teen crime stories
Written by : Ira Trivedi
Forwarded by : Chetan Bhagat

Price : tk.390.00

Plots: Drawn from real-life events, and based on a popular tele-series Gumrah by Star India Pvt. Ltd this book holds tales revolving around adolescent crime, deceit, treachery and bad judgement. In ‘Soulmate’, a case of sibling rivalry leads to disastrous consequences, while in ‘Heartbreak’, the dark side of the nicest of people is exposed. ‘Naaz’ reveals how cultural differences can sometimes lead to danger and ‘Double MMS’ shows a college girl’s stabs at popularity going horribly awry.
Written by bestselling author Ira Trivedi, Gumrah: 11 Short Teen Crime Stories is a must-read, with every story revealing the consequences of wrong choices. Like the show, the message of the book, aimed especially at the younger generation, is: ‘Be aware, be prepared, be safe!’

Personal Review : it focuses on the aspects which provoc our young ages towards crimes… how small neglecting and bullying effects human minds for long term. A must read for all of us.
Happy reading.

Written by: Afrin Parvez 

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