Novelty In Cakes: Banee’s Creation

We are used to the same taste of pastry of our Dhaka City but Banee Aunty brought some differences. She brought some cakes with fresh ingredients. Her desserts are moist and not too much sweetened which is why that makes them wonderful. She’s also not “too commercial “ like the other bakery owners. Her mission is quite simple: Provide the best cakes & services to the customers at as low price as possible. She takes that as a matter of great pride to be committed to the customers & serve them the best.

With the support of both family & friends, she started to expand her baking talent & sell her delicious cakes. At the beginning it wasn’t an easy process. There were long hours following many failed attempts as she tried over and over again. But she loved her work & with these many experiments she finally came to create something very unique. Which is handmade, also made with fresh ingredients; preservative free & better to eat.

She has the ability of creating something fancy and delightful while keeping it simple so that everyone can feel the rich aroma of home made taste in her pastries. She is an artist when it comes down to bake sculptured cake or hanging crystal chandelier cake because those are her speciality. Each and everyday happens to be full of many colourful and joyous events to her crews since baking is fun towards her. She does take orders on birthday, baby shower, marriage anniversary and other corporate events and many other occasions.

If you feel positive about tasting out Banee’s Creation, then you can do it via both online or offline. For online, please visit the page ‘Banee’s Creation‘, choice a combination and then order it so that they can book it for you. Or else, you can visit her outlet, which is at 961/B, khilgaon ( Behind Bhooter Adda ). Price range is quite reasonable since making profits is not the primary objective for her.

I was invited on the opening night of Banee’s Creation, and to be honest, those cakes were simply divine. The owner, Banee Aunty herself is also a lovely person whose friendly attitude will let you remind of your home environment only. All of her baked cakes were mouth watering and I do want to try them out again.

Written by: Anika Saba