A Cute Love Story

We the human beings are born to tie ourselves in love . It’s not only the physical need its also the thirst for the psychological relief. We search here and there for our love but we never see what stand behind us and who is always there for us.  Love always surrounded by its warm smile with us and we the human being who give love a bad name for our greed.

Here is a very old cute love story for them who still searching for love and avoid the person who care for them.

A bird fall in love with a white rose. One day he proposed but she refused..
She said : ‘I DO NOT LOVE YOU”.

But the bird daily come and proposed her.
Then white rose said : ” WHEN I’LL TURN IN RED COLOR THEN I’LL LOVE YOU.”

One day bird come and cut his wings & spread his blood on the rose and the rose turn RED. Then rose realized that how much bird love her but it was too late. Bird was dead.

Moral of the story : So respect the love & feelings of the person who loves you.