Take Yourself on a Date

-Are you single?

– Do you define “single” as “available”?

Often the most common question we face is if we’re single or not. And more often the single people are misinterpreted as “available” or “lonely”.

Even, we ourselves often consider us lonely. We get busy in finding someone else to love us that we forget to love ourselves!

Dear, there’s a huge huge huge difference between being alone and being lonely. And when you realize the gap between the two words, you’ll not feel frustrated for being alone anymore.

None of us really need a second or third person to tell us that we are beautiful, nice or kind. We just need to realize these by ourselves.

Just look at the mirror- appreciate your beautiful smile, sparkling eyes, playful wave of your hair.

Just grab your favorite book and sit by the window. Just go to the rooftop, see the blue sky and feel the height.                                                                                                                              Or, just take yourself on a date.

Pick up the most comfortable outfit from your drawer and dress like you want to see yourself. You can choose red, white, green, blue, mixture of all or simply black. Everything falls right into pieces as long as YOU decide it for yourself.

Go to your favorite coffee shop or restaurant. Chinese, Italian, American, Indian, Thai or your favorite spicy Kabab and luchi- just go for the menu you like, order the dish your heart screams for. Treat yourself well, have your favorite choco chips ice cream or the pastry you love like more than anything else but don’t remember when it was the last time you had it!

It doesn’t cost too much to give company to self, before knowing thyself, give time thyself.

Written by:  Wahida Zaman Shithi