1 .You must wash your face daily at least thrice a day to remove excess of oil appear on your face,But you must wash your skin with mild face wash.

2. In the middle time between the washing of you face try to keep in clean simply with splash of cold water to remove extra oil from your skin which produce time to time whole day. More over you can use wet wipe that will help you to remove all kind of dirt along with extra oil from your skin.

3.Drink Lot of water and Do exercise regularly it will help you a lot to face all kind of body problems.

4.Facial mist can help you to prevent the problem of over drying due to cleaning all the day,mists are specially make to regulate oily skin to keep moisture and away oily effect.

5.Natural products and their masks can help you to solve this problem.Egg is a rich source of protein and the white of egg can prove skin tightening mask that not only tighten your skin but also remove dirt and oil very well as well as protect your skin form acne.

6.Apply Cucumber every day in summer on your skin in crushed form to keep your skin very fresh and glowing,it also lessen the excess oil from your skin.


1, Drink enough water to eliminate all the waste products from your body.

2. Wash your face frequently so that the extra oils removed.
3. Avoid junk foods and spices to maintain your skin oil.

4. Use sun screen and umbrella while going outside in hot weather to keep your skin free from oil.
5. Steaming your face to keep the pores open and remove the dirt logged inside them.

6. Avoid coffee and tea.
7. Water based cosmetics should be used for oily skin.


Following home made recipes applied in home instead of going to saloons.

1. Powder of orange peels mixed with rose water is used to exfoliate the dead cells and keep the skin soft and velvety.

2. Mixture of rose water, sandal wood and fuller’s earth is applied on face. rose water cleans the face, sandal wood act s scrubber and have soothing effect and fuller” earth remove the extra oil from the skin

3. Cucumber juice also effective for oily skin.

Written by: Anika Saba