SALAT-UL_Taraweeh ( Rules of Taraweeh in a simplest way)

Taraweeh, one of the most important things that emphasize Ramadan. 20 rakats of prayer may seem a little too much but the reward ALLAH rendered through it should sweep your laziness and stop thinking of it as too much.
Here is the rules of the taraweeh prayer. I divided it into steps because it makes the exertion look easier.

#1. Pray 4 rakat farz and 2 rakats of sunnah from salatul isha. If you are willing or habituated then pls do pray 4 rakat more which is nafal.
#2. Its time for taraweeh. Do it just the way u do for 2rakats nafal prayer. Make it dignified by ur niyat first,the most important thing of all salat. You may know how to recite the niyat in Arabian language as “nawaitu an usalli a’la rakata salatut taraweeh sunnate rasu lillahi ta’ala”. If u don’t ,just chill. Just know it by your heart that you are standing in front of ALLAH for salatut taraweeh. That’s what’s called niyat in Islam.

#3. If u have the last 10 suras of holy Qur’an memorised,recite them in first 10 rakats and re-recite them in last 10 rakats.

#4. Its good if u take a short break every 4 rakats. There is a DUA’ for this particular break but trust me and just chill if you are not familiar with this DUA’ . There is no harm if u don’t pray through this DUA’.DUA’ is all about saying ALLAH whatever legal things you desire for from the perspective of Islam. So ask for whatever u want because THE ALMIGHTY knows your language.

#5. Pray 20 rakats this way and DONE!! U managed to pray 20 rakats of taraweeh! MAA SHAA ALLAH! There is another DUA’ for after taraweeh but remember the tips from #3?? Don’t bother memorising the DUA because its not that important;instead ask ALLAH what u want.

#6. Done and done! U managed to finish the taraweeh salat!! SUB HAA NALLAH! Now pray salatul bitar,the 3rakat prayer and u r all done with both salatul isha and saltut taraweeh.

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone.

Written by: Asma Rahman