After day long important schedule, hang out and shopping we were almost empty handed but craving for something to eat. Thus, Sunny suggested some places where we usually visit but I wanted something new to try within a cheap price where we didn’t visit yet. Walking on the roads of Khilgaon with shopping bags and thinking of WHERE WE CAN VISIT!!! Suddenly, Sunny said, “lets go to Alif Food”. It’s near Taltola Market and just beside another restaurant named Café Cheese Panic. It’s a very simply decorated restaurant with small space and self service system but well equipped. We ordered a “Spicy Burger” and “Pizza” which costs respectively BDT. 60/- and 100/-. I didn’t like the burger much since its bun was hard but really liked the PIZZA. Before ordering it we thought maybe they will serve a normal street pizza with lots of vegetables, onions and having usual rough thick dough since at this price we only ate these kind of pizza before. Surprisingly, this Pizza was different and pretty good. Its thin dough and skillful chicken mixture made it different and special though one of the staff claimed to serve it with cheese but we didn’t taste any. However, it was served with mayonnaise and tomato sauce on the top which seemed to me like they were trying to hypnotize us. Guess what! They did.      

Written by:  Sharmin Sultana